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Barre Method

Dear readers,

The Barre Method technique was developed from the fundamentals of classical ballet, using the alignments and body positions from it's technique, while combining the core exercises and movements used in strength training.

The fusion of ballet and aerobic movements has created one of the most transformative exercises in the world.


It is a low-impact training exercise, which is suitable for people over 60 years old, for pregnant women, for people suffering from arthritis and recovering from injuries, for athletes, dancers and teenagers.

The benefits of this exercise are both external and internal. Helps burn fat, gently build muscle, tone muscles, increase stamina, improve balance and posture, increase blood flow, slow the aging process, improve flexibility, boost confidence and improving functional mobility.

A Barre Method class is usually divided into 3 parts. It starts with floor exercises & stretches, then leg exercises & stretches, and finally glute exercises & stretches.

It is a method worth trying!

Love xx


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